Our Story

Rebirth Fitness Yoga is a Pompano Beach yoga studio founded by Kristen Birth-Longworth because she wanted to create a new way of learning and practicing – yoga with structure. This way students could not only feel confident in their progress, but they could actually have a way to track their progress and see results.

How many times have you found yourself starting a yoga or fitness program and abandoning it after a couple weeks because you weren’t seeing the results that you expected? Especially with yoga, many people have tried yoga at various yoga studios, but felt uncomfortable in the unusual environment, confused with the terminology, and “turned off” with the lack of structure.

Rebirth Fitness has developed a one-of-a-kind personal and systematic approach that welcomes you into a safe, friendly environment with a family/community atmosphere. We are the first to offer yoga in a program that is fitness goal oriented and clearly defined by a colored band leveled system. This band system will guide you through a specific progression of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level criteria. Our instructor is not only well qualified in Yoga but has an exercise physiology degree and background, which she uses to help achieve your goals.  Your goals are as attainable as your progress is measured. The body can achieve what the mind believes!
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Meet Kristen – She’s Not Your Average Instructor

Hi! I’m Kristen Birth-Longworth. Consider me your motivational fitness consultant. I love learning new practices to help people like you find the best yoga and fitness program for their lifestyle – which is why I’ve spent the past 13 years get certified in multiple areas of fitness. Here’s why I’m not the average yoga instructor:

“My students are what motivate me every single day. They continue to amaze me when I see them accomplish something they never could have imagined – especially those who have never done yoga in their life.”

When I’m not doing yoga, you will find me enjoying stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking with my family. I believe in fun fitness with a purpose, so it’s my life-long goal to help reconnect you to YOU so that you can be happy & be the best version of yourself!

Here’s How the Program Works

Similar to the belt system in Karate, we’ve developed a bracelet system that consists of 3 levels. You start off at level one and graduate by mastering specific poses. This program was developed so that students could learn the essential yoga poses that can properly progress them from a beginner to an advanced yogi – safely.

Level 1 (Beginner)

Estimated Level Time Length: 4-6 months of consistent training

Red Bracelet

Base of Spine – root basic poses, the foundation, learning body awareness, and getting used to yoga and our method

Orange Bracelet

Sacral – using more creativity in your expressions of the basic poses, able to perform all beginner poses with ease

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Estimated Level Time Length: 9-12 months of consistent training

Yellow Bracelet

Stomach – power center, mid level poses, more strength poses, feeling more comfortable, and confident in your movements

Green Bracelet

Heart – opening up your body more, deepening stretches, stronger stances, stability in balance poses

Light Blue Bracelet

Throat – connecting your breath to movement with fluidity and without thinking about it, able to flow through poses with ease and grace, able to perform all intermediate yoga poses

Level 3 (Advanced)

Estimated Level Time Length: 12 months or more of consistent training

Indigo Blue Bracelet

Forehead – intuitively knowing the flow of poses in class, movements are effortless, correct alignment, proper form in posture, able to perform advanced yoga poses

Purple/White Bracelet

Crown of Head – able to perform all levels of yoga poses without correction or instruction, can flow through their own practice, potential to become a yoga instructor,  complete mind and body awareness of overall form and depth of the Rebirth Fitness yoga system, notice measurable results and positive changes in their body, mind, total overall health, and in their life!

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